BUSINESS ACTUALIZATION: Automating Online Review Management for Better Business Performance

Adam Kushner, Founder, BUSINESS ACTUALIZATIONAdam Kushner, Founder
For customers planning to service their automobiles, running an online search for an 'auto repair shop near me' is often the first step. Car owners often opt for auto maintenance providers reviewed to provide the best experience. However, repair shops and dealerships rarely have any control over their reviews, as most customers need reminders to give feedback once they exit the building. Even when a dedicated review collection process is established, there is a risk of irritating a consumer through constant requests, which can generate a negative review.

Business Actualization is changing this status quo by helping clients encourage their end-consumer to review the service within a few hours of their visit. Through its one-of-a-kind review generation platform, Business Actualization eliminates the friction of getting positive reviews from customers who never take the time to leave them. Essentially, it leverages the integration with leading dealer management systems—like Reynolds and Reynolds—to automatically send a link to customers asking for reviews via text and email. Clicking on the link, they can quickly leave a review on places like Google or Bing, which is promptly incorporated on a client's landing page.

"Our goal is to create a tool for clients to consistently generate positive Google reviews and captivate potential customers effectively and a f f o r d a b l y , " s a y s Adam Kushner, founder of B u s i n e s s Actualization.

Concur rent w i t h the consistent generation of positive reviews, Business Actualization's platform enhances a client's brand status in local SEO searches. It acts as an SEO ranking artillery to boost their ranking and help them stand shoulder-to-shoulder with more established competition, leaving a positive impression on their customers.
These competencies significantly minimize the impact of one-star reviews as the numerous positive, 5-star ratings far outweigh them. For clients that want to mitigate their negative reviews, Business Actualization draws an effective strategy to bring healthy changes in their operations, boost productivity, and drive better sales.

For automotive dealerships handling multiple franchises and locations, Business Actualization's platform creates a 40,000- foot view that gives them the big-picture of reviews generated on all touch points. This end-to-end transparency enables clients to identify potential challenges, guide their service staff to precisely address prevalent consumer complaints, and provide unmatched services.

Business Actualization's solution goes the extra mile to cross-promote consumer reviews across a client's Facebook and other social media pages, allowing them to attract new leads and boost conversation rates. Clients can quickly and professionally display positive reviews on their website landing pages with the platform’s review widget tab. A testament to its innovative review generation can be found in a scenario where an automotive dealership grew their overall review count on third-party sites, like Google and, by four times and 2.9 times on Facebook. This improved the dealership's brand awareness on all sites and locations by 1.1 stars.
  • Our goal is to create a tool for clients to consistently generate positive Google reviews and captivate potential customers effectively and affordably

Simultaneously, Business Actualization uplifts brands by leveraging programmatic advertising. It uses over 350 ad networks outside Google, Facebook, and Bing, to markedly grow their 'top-of-mind' awareness. This builds brand impressions beyond digital realms and drives consumers to directly search for them instead of running a generic search. Capturing the brand's image on multiple touch points helps clients create an efficient story line that promotes their business and expands their clientele while retaining existing ones.

Business Actualization addresses the scarcity of automotive technicians with ads that accurately communicate how enjoyable and rewarding it is to work at a client's business. Clients can also use the platform as an internal communication tool to frequently contact their off-site employees and seamlessly augment their workflow.

At the heart of its unrivaled competencies is Business Actualization's experienced team led by Kushner, who has devoted his life to working as an owner and manager in an independent automotive repair shop. Moving forward, Business Actualization is committed to remaining a disruptor in the automotive aftermarket that helps independent repair shops, collision repair facilities, and automotive dealerships sustain and grow their businesses with cutting-edge marketing solutions.
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Adam Kushner, Founder

Business Actualization is changing the status quo by helping clients encourage their end-consumer to review the service within a few hours of their visit. Through its one-of-a kind review generation platform, the company is making it easy for clients to automate the collection process of reviews from their past customers.


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